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Savni Press On Nails Printed Series

Contents included:

• 12 boxes of Press On Nails

• 12 piece nails in 1 box (144 total nails)

Temporary Glue Tabs and Permanent Nail Extension Glue not included

Use Temporary Glue Tabs to make the nails stay for up to 24 hours (useful for occasions).

Use Permanent Nail Glue to make the nails stay longer, up to 2 weeks (useful for long everyday usage)

Steps of application:

1) Clean your nail with an alcohol wipe or acetone wipe to remove any oil or dirt..

2) Select appropriate size of the nail for your fingers.

3) File using Mini Disposable Filers if necessary to fit the nail bed.

4) Push the nail cuticle back using Wooden Cuticle Pushing Sticks for better adhesion

5) Apply 1-2 drops of Permanent Nail Glue and stick on the nail (hold for 10 seconds)


5) 1 tab of Silicon Glue Tab on the nail and stick on the nail

6) Voila! You now have salon like nails at home!

NOTE: To remove permanent nail glue, read instructions on the back of the bottle