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Hydra Facial Serums

  • Professional use for beauty salon,For Hydra Facial Dermabrasion Machine, small bubbles, big bubbles are common, No need to mix water, 1 bottle can do an average of 10 guests.
  • AS1: Suitable for normal skin,it can nourish the skin very well, effectively rejuvenate the skin, and make the skin rejuvenated
  • SA2:For sensitive skin.can easily remove acne marks and relieve aging,VitA, VitE and natural moisturizing factors can calm the skin;Effectively remove excess oil from the pores. Calm the skin, deep hydration
  • AO3-Aqua facial cleaning AO3 is for skin that needs nutrition or hydration
  • Choose one of the three bottles of solution that is suitable for human skin, and use it at the A port or deep cleaning port of the device to deeply cleanse the skin,You will receive 3 bottles of 400ml